Keep Sinclair Strong

Today’s jobs require a strong, educated workforce, and Sinclair is our most vital, affordable center of advanced job training and college education. Our local levy support since 1966 has enabled Sinclair to invest in high-quality and up-to-date programs to meet workforce needs in industries such as healthcare, information technology, engineering, advanced manufacturing, and aerospace – while offering Montgomery County residents the lowest tuition in the state. In fact, Sinclair graduates report that their salaries nearly double after earning a Sinclair credential, and well over 80% of Sinclair graduates stay, live, and work in our region – making for stronger local families and communities.


With levy support, Sinclair has graduated record numbers of students with degrees and certificates (over 5,000 this year alone), and prepared thousands of students for transfer to universities to complete 4-year degrees.
Continued levy support will:
Sustain the quality of current programs and faculty
Keep Sinclair services and facilities up to date
Help expand and develop new programs to meet the needs of the workforce, employers, and community
Keep the cost of college education for good jobs affordable