Q: How many levies support Sinclair College?

A: Montgomery County voters have supported a Sinclair levy since 1966. The most-recent levy on the ballot was a 10-year, 3.2-mill renewal levy that was approved by more than 70% of voters in November 2017. A smaller, 8-year, 1-mill levy was also approved by voters in 2015. Together, these two levies allow Sinclair to provide the affordable and up-to-date higher education and advanced job training our residents and workforce need to compete – including offering more than 100 short-term programs so adults can learn new skills for today’s jobs.

Q: Why are these levies so important?

A: Sinclair helps local employers stay competitive by offering up-to-date training to employees. With our community’s levy support, Sinclair has graduated record numbers of students – over 5,000 degrees and certificates in 2017 alone – and the number of graduates has increased in each of the last five years. In addition, Sinclair has prepared thousands of students for transfer to universities to complete 4-year degrees. Graduates report that their salaries have nearly doubled after earning their certificate or degree at Sinclair. Sinclair’s tuition is the lowest in Ohio, and without our levy support, many residents here would not go to college or enroll in job training programs.

Q: Are the levies permanent or temporary?

A: Both of Sinclair’s levies are temporary, meaning they expire after a fixed period of time and must be approved by county voters in a public election to continue. This process ensures accountability – because Sinclair has to keep coming back to voters for their approval and consent.

Q: How much of each levy is spent in neighboring counties?

A: Every levy dollar, by law, is used right here in Montgomery County and provides high-quality, affordable higher education and advanced job training to the residents of Montgomery County. Students who live outside the county pay 50% more in tuition than Montgomery County students. Well over 80% of Sinclair graduates stay, live, and work in the region. That makes the levies a strong investment in Montgomery County.

Q: How much money do these levies generate annually?

A: Combined, the levies will raise approximately $36.8 million, which enables Sinclair to invest in high-quality and up-to-date programs to meet local workforce needs in industries such as healthcare, information technology, engineering, advanced manufacturing, and aerospace – while offering Montgomery County residents the lowest tuition in the state.

Q: What about the new health science center that opened in 2017?

A: The Sifferlen Health Sciences Center that opened to Sinclair students in August 2017 was about 15 years in the making. Health care is one of the fastest growing parts of our economy, and Sinclair offers more than 40 health sciences degree and certificate programs. The new center brings the various departments and programs together in one state-of-the-art, consolidated space. It provides more needed lab and work-space stations for students, up-to-date technology, opportunities for cross training and collaboration across disciplines, and real-world simulations to prepare students for success in vitally needed and emerging health care fields. With nearly 6,400 students currently enrolled in Sinclair health sciences programs, the impact to our local workforce and to local health care for residents and families is exciting. The College worked with the community to build a debt-free facility: about half was paid for through levy revenue, and the rest was funded through savings, existing state funds, and partnerships with more than two dozen local businesses.